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Neil, what great advice! You crack me up totally with the fairies story. I can just imagine, and sympathise.
I have 400 film for the dressing rooms and 800 film for the stage. I'm hoping to get away without pushing as much as I can.
Question: If I do have to push different frames on a film, it'll be impossible to take notes on all frames of course, what instructions do I give the lab?
You can't push individual frames. You have to shoot the whole roll at the pushed speed so that it can processed to compensate. It's all or nothin'.

I didn't notice before that you planned to shoot color during the performance. You may have problems with color balance. I don't have much experience with those films. Hopefully someone who has used those films under stage lights will tell you what to expect.
When you watch a Ballet performance from the audience those girls seem to be lighter than air, barely brushing the ground as they float across the stage.

When I was first backstage, I was shocked that those graceful, airy little things actually stomp around the stage like a bunch of Teamsters in a room full of cockroaches.
A line of Snowflakes rushing off the stage at full speed in your direction is like facing a herd of stampeding buffalo. It's terrifying.
Kind of suspends the illusion.