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Actually, slightly off topic, but thinking about the difference between APS-C and 35mm, has there ever been any APS-C (film) slr's made? If not, why not?
Yes - APS stood for Kodak's Advanced Photo System format. I know for a fact that Nikon marketed a family of APS SLRs called Pronea, and Minolta marketed a family of APS SLRs called Vectis-S. Canon marketed an APS SLR called the EOS IX.

In fact, you can still buy these cameras on ebay. There is actually some compatibility between the Nikon and Canon APS SLRs and their current lens mounts. Nikon's family of F-mount lenses mount on Proneas, and Canon's EOS mount lenses mount on the EOS IX.

These SLRs sell for prices in the $20-80 range on ebay nowadays. I have no idea what the availability of APS film is currently.