About 30 years ago I had access to a darkroom and enlarger at work. I had learned about Cibachrome printing and built an adjustable easel for dividing 8x10 sheets of paper into six 4" x 3 3/8" or four 5" x 4" individual prints. The dividing easels were light tight enough for use with Cibachrome, which requires total darkness when handling the paper. Each dividing easel has a matching focusing board.

The unit consists of a base that was designed to fit tightly on the enlarger baseboard. It has an all-thread driven table that can be driven from driven in one direction with a knob. The table is bored to allow the focusing board and then the dividing easel in precisely the same location in turn.

I used the setup to make smaller prints to share with friends and family. I can see that it would be useful to test filter packs and other exposure parameters.

I posted it on my local (San Francisco) craigslist at $50 and elicited no interest. I had a similar experience with an Omega DII enlarger and eventually gave it to a local high school student.

1) Is such an apparatus of any interest/use to someone working in a darkroom?

2) Did I ask way too much for my handiwork?

3) Should I give up and consign it to the scrap heap?