Thanks for the input, all.
It's starting to look that as sexy as it appears, this might not be the camera for me. Thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio, Ken and making a recommendation based on what you can guess of my photographic process. (Welcome to APUG, by the way)

Thank you Nick and Ria, as well. Ian, I'd be happy to stop by Turkey (or West Midlands) some time to try some cameras with you. Though I am quite experienced with 35mm and medium format, (and I would like to think, somewhat accomplished) I have no experience in large format whatsoever. As I doubt I will be buying more than one LF camera in the forseeable future, I am hoping to grab one "everything" camera which will have the most features and least drawbacks. I am hoping that the camera I choose will be flexible enough to accept more modern lenses and shutters or hand-mounted "Jim Galli Specials".

I am still open to suggestions, though, and will probably put this idea on the back burner for awhile, as I am off to South America for a couple of weeks. When I return, I will have enough processing and printing lined up to keep me busy for most of the summer. I am determined to make the move to LF sooner than later, but do not wish to jump in too quickly or ill-advisedly.