Thanks for adding the extra info Sandy. Was in the darkroom tonight and followed your recommendations for HP5 and they turned out very nice. At least the negs look nice. Will try and get them printed maybe tomorrow night.

Had one little oops however. Had 1 litre of working developer mixed up, used 250ml for the rotary processor and the rest in a tank for MF. Made the mistake of developing the LF first, so didn't get to pouring in the developer into the MF tank for about 1/2 hour after mixing. The solution looked a bit cloudy but I figured what the heck. Well the negs came out totally blank! Not even the edge numbers. I guess when they say mix it up just before you use it their not kidding!

Some have recommended pouring the exhausted developer back into the tank after fixing for about 2 minutes, pour out and then wash. Have you found this to be useful? I tried it on a couple of negs to see what would happen but without printing them it's hard to tell.