I finally developed the negatives from my first 4x5 shoot last few days using d76 1:1 and the Unicolor drum processing.
A few problems:
1. Keeping the film seperate. I came up with a 'O' ring that I cut to divide film on the main 'V' channel. Works ok. But then the negatives stuck together on the edges of the film, where they lie side by side along the other ridge...it's a \ instead of the main 'V'. 4 negative edges have stuck together so I have to devise something else. But what's going to clamp on a \ shaped piece of plastic? Anyone else have this problem??
2. Alot of dust specs on the film! Now I understand why people pay a premium for quickload/readyloads! lol Ok then, how do I at least minimize this bad problem? Should I buy a changing bag? If so, which one?
3. One negative has a blue dot, about 1/4" along the side...was this too from touching something?
4 And lastly, I scratched, no, gouged the emulsion straight off on 3 images, I think while getting them out of the canister?? (I found the black silver emulsion actually on the film after the photoflo) Wow. Never realized how clumbsy I am apparantly! Are all sheet films this sensitive? Am i doing something terribly wrong?

Thanks again for all the sugg. dev. and times! And sorry for all the questions/problems as well. But this combines problems both from behind the camera to inside the darkroom problems! lol