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My fried Alec is a watch and vintage radio collector. A couple years ago he was visited a local thrift store and grabbed a camera bag out of a cart one of the employees was using to carry stock from the back room to the sales floor. Inside the bag was a Leica M2 with the collapsible 35mm lens. The camera and lens were in exceptionally fine condition. He bought it for $4.95!

He called me and told me about his find and I really thought he was trying to pull a joke on me. No one in their right mind would sell a Leica for $5 but they did. I saw the camera and the bag and his receipt for $4.95. Within a week he had sold the camera and lens to a dealer for $600 who, I'm sure, made a tidy profit reselling it.

I have gone into that same thrift probably a hundred times and have never found a single item worth buying. It's almost always just recycled clothing and old appliances. But Alec! He once bought a genuine Philip Patek (sp?) watch in that same store for $10! He made a tidy profit from that one, too.

Lucky guy, that Alec.

And some people say that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place!