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I'm not sure about your copy, but i dont have any sharpness issues on the S3 Pro. As for exposure times, the range is from 1/250 to 1 second, and yes it does miss the 1/15th.

I dont get why you need to be so rude about it though

Fairly sure it was from rugift. I use it to shoot a lot of colour stuff, otherwise i suspect the yellow green would have more use!
if i am reading constantly what is wrong rude is a must.
i waited quite a long time until someone inspected the fstop 16 -shot precise enough to find the fault, by using a strong loupe of 30x. horizon 202-images can be enlarged up to 6m wide. said coproducer of the horizon 202/technopan rainer k. lampinen.
lens-design was changed, which was a big mistake. one supplier even is telling us s3pro-lens it sharper and gives better contrast. i didnt see any sharpness differences from 11 down. i used a shim on filmrails(0,25mm)-changing film to lens-distance. see my forum.
what has been changed is rotating times(two speeds). it is slower now, so smaller slits can be used resulting in better images. maybe under difficult light-situations. forget shoot at fstop 16. testimage tells the story. even a simple scanner can prove this.