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......I am thinking of using my Z1 ballhead with an older model Arca 8x10 camera. I have both items but have not had a chance to use them. In your experience, is that viable? I really don't want to pay the money for a B2 if I don't have to. Thanks.
The Z1 should be fine with the Arca 8x10. I slightly loosen the quick release knob and slide the Arca rail to balance the camera on the ballhead, making adjustments easier.

I prefer the B2 because leveling and adjusting each axis independently seems easier for me. But I have used the my Arca 8x10 on the B1G and it works fine.

Actually I bought the B1G so I could do vertical shots with a Canham 7x17. The Canham camera is the weak link in this setup, and I must be very gentle because the Canham wants to tear itself apart when tilted 90 degrees. And I use this setup on a very sturdy wooden survey tripod with the legs deeply set in the ground!