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And presumably glycerol doesn't affect the buffering ability of borax like glycol?
At 1:50 my scratchings on an envelope indicate there's 5g Borax - 0.4g Phenidone - 0.4g AA per litre (working). My maths has been known to err in the past but is there a decimal place wrong in there?
Long ago I made up some PC-glycerol and it appears to keep just fine. I had no glycol.
I don't know. If you made a solution in water with 5g Borax - 0.4g Phenidone - 0.4g AA I think you would find the usual 9.5 or so borax pH. This working solution is much lower, and the only reason I can see for it is the glycerol. I'm working on a second batch with much less heating. I'll let you know.