Not just sure to plan a couple of APC BackUPS Pro/SmartUPS 500VA or higher units to each outlet. Especially the auto-processors and enlarger. You can have all the power outlets in the world, but when some drunk hits the power pole down the street, the outlets don't do a bit of good! (Yes, this has happened to me many times...running C-41, running E-6, waiting for a Ciba to go through the processor, during a long dodging/burning session, etc).

I've got 4 SmartUPS 1200 tied to all my darkroom, with a dedicated Pentium II 266 to control the units, log any power events, and send me a text-message to my cell phone if I'm not at home.

Not only that, but between the stabilized power from the SmartUPS and the voltage stabilizer on my Dichro enlarger, I never get any color shifts!