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Thanks tony, and I think this can release people who want to convert Polaroid into 4x5 limited in 110B or 110A, actually, 900 will be another good candidate, for if you plan to use other L/F lens as standard lens, like fuji 125mm, old Zeiss tessar 120mm, are all good choice, compare to 127 Ysarex.
Ahhh, I went to post a question and find that you are the person whom I should ask. Dontcha just luv Apug!? I have a 110B convert with a problematical Prontor SVS shutter. IF I cannot get the shutter repaired, do you think it would be difficult to substitute or replace the lens/shutter as you suggest. I am not a tool-using member of our species; more of a fiddle fixer. What do you think would be involved?