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Again, your opinion. I've drum scanned images from the s3pro and I'm perfectly happy with the sharpness from the prints from that. Perhaps you have a bad copy?? Again there is no need to be a total dick about someone else having a good copy and giving an opinion on it for the benefit of others.

As for 6m wide from whats essentially 2 35mm frames merged and your still boring on about sharpness? I dont think theres a film in the world that can be enlarged 75 times and still hold a true 200 odd dpi resolution, but if you can provide proof of this i'd love to see it.

Most users would have no need for a 6m wide print out of this camera anyway, so if thats the level of detail you have to go to to find out this sharpness 'issue' then I couldn't care less if the s3pro is unsharp by your standards.