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Oh, I didn&#39;t. It tok some effort, but I made it.

I probably could rant for hours over some of the gross incompetence I&#39;ve encountered - like the time I visited "Local Big-Time Photo", dealers in photographic chemistry. This outfit had attracted some *very* knowledgeable professionals and *serious amateurs* as salesclerks. The great attraction was that sales people would get generous employee discounts on materials and equipment.

One day, I visited "LBTP" to find most of those I knew - gone. Some genius had decided that they were paying the help too much ... so they decided to reduce the sales skills to about the level of the average burger flipper.

I asked for color chemicals - specifically, Photocolor Bleach-Fix. Salesperson recovered from blank look, and retired to "The Back Room". Some time later he emerged with a bottle of Kodak Rapid Fixer. The conversation:

Me: "Uh ... I can&#39;t use that. That is black and white chemistry. I&#39;m working color - C41 color."

Poor Uninformed Dolt: "Why can&#39;t you use it? It&#39;s good Kodak fixer."

M: "Yes, well, it it probably very good for BLACK AND WHITE (with emphasis). I need COLOR chemistry - Photocolor Bleach-Fix."

PUD: "I don&#39;t see what you&#39;ve got against Kodak chemistry..."

End of conversation. There is a point where you know anything more will be an exercise in futilty. I might as well have tried to communicate in Sanskrit.

I remember they installed one of those Kodak Enlarging Machines - "Make Your Own Enlargements - NO Negative Required." They taped a sign on the front of the machine: "This is a Family Store - No Nudes Allowed". I paced off the distance from the machine to the photographic book rack. Fifteen feet (15&#39 - Five meters - to the place where "Nude Photography for Dummies", "How to Talk a Girl Out of Her Clothes and Get Her In Front of the Camera" - " Nudes, Nudes, Nudes" were openly displayed. I think the machine died from cobweb strangulation.

Shortly after, another great change: I guess they were frustrated by requests from those who were more aware of what was going on than they were ... there was a major shift to Digital and Point and Shoot 35mm.