"I've never been paid to take a stills photo and the 'glamour' of Melbourne certainly isn't why I'm here."

please replace the batteries in your sarcasm detector, yours clearly arent working nick...

"I think you should stop writing emails and posting here"

well yes after coming across people like you i certainly see no point in coming back here at all for any information whatsoever.
Im sure there are many people in the forum who arent utter
c*ntwaffles, but if its people such as yourself I have to deal with when i ask an honest and simple question, clearly i would be better off going to see the chemical companies by myself unaided.

Thanks for making that clear if nothing else.

having said that i fully intend to keep on with photography:
as a 'hobby',and one I intend to keep as inexpensive as possible,
its easier that way being a full time multimedia art practitioner.

Unfortunately more money doesnt necessarily make better art.
you could do well to think about that.
Was that a high-horse or cock-horse you're riding there?

thanks once more for your very helpful and insightful comments nick