Hi Gavin,

As Loris & Herzeleid mentioned, Pamuk Ticaret is the way to go. Kodak&Fuji slide film is stored properly in a fridge. For BW, apart from Ilford and Kodak in all sizes, Mr.Pamuk has also started to stock Fuji Neopan400 in 120. He says a customer in Izmir swears by it and I just now started to wonder whether that might be you Ian Well, I can't complain, as Neopan used to be one of my favourites and I'm very happy to be able to use it again.
As a bonus, you can also see one of Loris Medici's framed prints on the wall of the shop Loris, you should have a cyanotype hanging on that wall as well. There are so few people working with alternative processes in Turkey, it would be nice to see one of them displayed.