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I have made some of my best prints ever on the test run that was shipped several months ago.
I've also made some of my best prints on paper from the last test run. I've been contact printing all my 4x5 and 6x6cm negs on the paper in order to conserve while I "learn" the new product.

I'm no master printer by any measure but I believe some of the prints I have made would hold their own against many fine photographs I have seen. If there is anyone in my relative area who is hesitating to order I would be happy to get together and show the work I have done thus far. I would also, in good faith, agree to ship a select group of my 6x6 prints within the CONUS for evaluation and return. Again, I make no claim to any exceptional printing skills but I am proud of the work and willing to do what I can to help further the production of this paper.

All the best. Shawn