Thanks Guys for the encouragement! I needed it! LOL

I actually tried the plastic clothes pin first (I had to cut the head about 1/4" so the film would fit...and this cause quite a bit of scratching in itself on the first batch. So I nixed that and went with the cut ring. So it sounds like you guys aren't having the same problem along those other / ridges. I bet then I just have to find a wider clip on the V channel. Maybe I'll try another clothes pin based on everyone's success and cut it more carefully without any rough edges to scratch film.

Thanks for the suggestions for the horrendous dust! Lead pencil sounds well as I found neg. dyes (Dyene and Marshalls for ex) at B&H.
Great suggestions on cleaning my holders. I got these all used so maybe that'll help. My darkroom is the outdoor shed as well so maybe this was also contributing to the dust...I found this Harrison tent that might be worth the money at Calumet:
It's either spend the money on this, and a static brush, or start spending $2.25 for quickloads vs. $.84/sheet. Woudn't take long to pay that tent off! lol

I bet you're right David on the other scratching done by myself. Besides it was my first time loading, unloading (I think I did some damage at this step as I just couldn't get the film out of the holders w/out bending the edges inward so I could grasp the end and pull out. I bet I did some damage here) and processing...I had a ton of opportunities to scratch the hell out of these lol

Well Brian, maybe you're right....I just to darned clumbsy for lf! lol
(True story: Mentioned my into to lf the other day to this photographer I met by chance. He just sold all his 8x10 equipment last yr and went all digital! Boy, makes ya feel 'old world' lol But just LOOK at the size of this neg. compared to 35mm! WOW! )

Thanks again for the suggestions guys! This is a bit harder than I thought it'd be; but I'll eventually get it!