It would seem to me that the trend of unknowledgeable sales personell will continue and probably degenerate from here. When I moved here 15 years ago, we had four camera stores. All were fairly well versed in conventional photography.

We now have two that sell used equipment at highly inflated prices (due to the fact that they haven't become aware of ebay yet...shame on me!&#33 and one that is foreign owned and exists primarily on the sales of Kodak Graphics Materials (which should stand them in good stead for at least another six months) and Epson printers ( on which they are in the beginning stages of the learning curve). Forget even asking any of them for sheet film of any size, emulsion, or of a recent manufactured date. They will "special order" it for you, if they can locate it in the catalog. (If they can remember where the hell the catalog is.)

Oh well, ain't life grand!!!