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Borax is soluable at the rate of 1 kg / kg of water at 20 deg C according to my handbook. That is pretty darn high and should not need much heat at all to make a solution. I don't intend to try. See my last post. Or, consider what Kirk said. That is HOT.

Water to make tea should be nearly that hot. Are you sure of that number? The chart from www.borax.com says 4.71% at 20 C. We are at cross purposes here. I heated borax-water to get a saturated solution as it cooled. I heated borax-glycerol to make it dissolve faster and ran into a response that appeared to be a chemical reaction at around 250 F. Of course that is hot, but I think a roast coming out of the oven is that hot or hotter. A roast should be seared in a salted cast iron pan before being put in the oven. You want hot? Be a cook for a while.