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I suggest going with the Blackjacket. Check out the website which is pretty informative. I have tried the horseblanket type which is OK but you need a clamp or velcro on the camera or something else to really keep it dark. I tried the BTZS which is OK but the elastic is too tight on some cameras and the thing is a sauna in the summer and a humidifier in the winter. I bought a Blackjacket and was impressed by the overbuilt quality. I have not been able to use it a lot yet, but I like it best so far.

I have heard a lot of good things about the blackjacket, but I'm a bit worried about futzing with the sleeves. I like a cloth that simply has velcro along the bottom that can be opened up to get my loupe to the ground glass. The Harrison that Richard mentioned seems to fit the bill as it has a bit of elastic around the camera opening that provides a little tension, but the opening size is adjustable with velcro to fit various camera sizes.

Thanks for the suggestion.