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I keep hearing about the great film comeback; all I can say is, it better get a move on before all the interesting emulsions get discontinued.
I agree, and we have our work cut out for us.

There are a fair amount of people in our camera club that are trying to sell 24x30's in galleries. Most are using 10-12mp cameras and crop significantly.

This provides a great opportunity to talk about why somebody might want to use film and even large film and maybe even an enlarger.

So I'm putting together a presentation to talk about the decisions we make to get to a truly great and fairly large print from a scene where you want 9-stops of detail, from choosing the best lens through choosing the enlarging process.

I'm going to be fair to digital but I don't think that most of our members really even get how "DPI" really works.

What I mean by that is most people don't get that a 10mp file cropped to 5mp won't have enough pixels to print a 300dpi 40x60 print.

They don't get it because PS says it's at 300dpi at any size they view it and they don't get that when PS up sizes that 5mp file to 216mp for a 40x60 print that PS has to make 211,000,000 "educated" guesses to fill in the missing pixels/dots to get there.