I agree with you, Keith.
The "trouble" for the industry is now that people are so used to make photo's for free that they expect prints for unrealistic prices aswell.
If you just want photo's to put onto the internet then a compact or cell-phone will do.
It is like in the day's of 110, Disk and 126: the quality does not matter as long as we have something to remember.....
It is like a sine-wave: the upcomming and demise of a format; some formats like 35mm, 120/220 and 4x5/8x10 seem to be unaffected by it.

For serious photography I believe analogue will be here to stay: digital can not handle everything.

Just the other day an 18 year old showed his new self made 8x10 camera on the Large Format Forum: hart-warming and beautifull made.
Getting our youngsters interested in analogue and it's posibilities will be the greatest chalenge for us.