What, you don't smsen on your mobieltje, Peter?! I *hate* long phone conversations and felt really relieved by how widespread texting is in the Netherlands! An amusing thing about dutch is that people in the south around R'dam will text w8ff to say "wait a minute" or kweetniej to say "I don't know"... but then they go to the bother of typing neeuh to say "no" or ookeej to say "ok." Texting always put a big smile on my face over there.

Anyway, on the subject of film-derived output and the (re)entry of digital users into the film market: I am very disappointed by the continuing high price of the higher-end dedicated film scanners, and the lack of new products in that sector. E.g. the Nikons haven't budged one iota, and apparently some are not available at all. At the same time, the prices of used dedicated scanners has remained high and the used scanners have become quite scarce. This is not good at all for anyone wishing to go from digital -> film. It's basically killing that off IMHO. Too bad because newbies to film really need feedback over the web and some convenient way to see what they're getting without having to learn darkroom techniques or shell out big bucks for professional scans.