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I may just try some of this amAZO. What kind of results should I expect if I processed it in 1:2 Dektol?
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There have been several comments on other threads/forums that Dektol is not good choice for AZO - greenish cast. I would imagine similar for new Lodima. I've been using Ansco PF 130 on Lodima and like the results - a hint of warmth. Lodima is a pleasure to work with, and looking forward to the next run.
I've used the MAS Amidol formula for Azo with extra KBr as well as PF130 1:1. If you don't need to use a water bath, to my eye, the 130 gives similar results. The water bath is very effective with the Amidol and is especially useful since we're talking about a graded paper. Since I can keep a working solution of 130 ready for quick use I've been using it and saving any contrasty negs for an occasional session with Amidol.