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Only the very skilled in the art could figure out where was found what is claimed in the first sentence.Could you give a reference?
I did a Google on glycerol alone and found this on WIKIPedia among the uses of glycerol. It's quite interesting. There is an abundance of raw glycerol. Now that I look back on what I did, I'm quite certain I now have propylene glycol with C and Metol base. The viscosity is very much lower than that of the glycerol I started with, and I added no thinners of any kind.

I don't think I could have gotten the same result starting with the glycol unless, perhaps, I had heated the mixture more than I usually do. Now I'm out of glycerol and glycol. I was wrong when I said I could get gycerol at any drugstore. The local Rite Aid drug store didn't have any and the clerks didn't even know it existed. Their pharmacy may have it but is closed on Sundays. If your local store has Leader brand, there's a good chance they will have the glycerol. I'd have to go more than 50 miles to try walmart, etc.