the Michael and Paula workshop you took is the last workshop you'll ever need, you just took it too soon! Or, John Sexton has to be the greatest B&W printer alive today...anyone who can make prints as good as his using tmax film has got to be!

Seriously, I met a guy, a self described "workshop junkie" and whose work is very good. He has attended both workshops and found them each to be very valuable, enjoyable... and different.

I think we do have to expose ourselves to different techniques and visions of the current masters while we're learning, and then create a personal synthesis, coupled with our own outlook.

Interesting observation you made about doing your contact printing and enlarging separately. Perhaps because the development procedures are so different? or maybe because the subject matter is different. I went through a period when I used a 4x5 press camera for people pictures, trying to combine the best of both worlds. I think it ended up being the worst of all possible worlds.

Interesting too, that after completing the Sexton workshop, you will have attended workshops by the leading practitioners of the Adams and Weston schools. I think I read in an Adams biography that Adams tried to engage Weston in discussion about the technical aspects of photography, but that Weston wasn't interested.

Let us know how it turns out, I'm sure everyone wants hear about the ying and yang of approaches and what conclusions you come to at the end of it.