I have a Graphic View II and IMHO it is a superb camera! It is quite portable in it's suitcase---but it isn't a tiny suitcase. It has more movements than you would probably ever need, plus they aren't ridiculously expensive. I think Graphic Views and Calument 400 series are excellent cameras to test out the LF waters.

Yes, you could get a nice Tachihara or Shen, which are excellent clamshell woodys which you could easily stash in a day pack (and if you want to do the Ansel Adams thing, that indeed might be a worthy consideration) but be prepared to spend over $500 more.
$500? Yikes!
That $500 could easily buy you a lens, a bunch of film holders, a tripod, an Omega D-2 enlarger and a large stock of sheet film.

You could be off making photographs with your Graphic View.

Or you could be still surfing the on line auctions looking for all the parts you'll need to get you're wooden camera up and running.

I'd go with the Graphic View.
Good luck!