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I feel like I just have to throw in a plug for the good old Pacemaker speed graphic... You can easily take it backpacking, and they are built like tanks. Plus you have the option of shooting hand-held.
And you're right. A Speed or a Crown Graphic makes a very nice field camera if you don't need very short or very long lenses. It's lightweight and rugged. The Speed's advantage lies in it's focal plane shutter allowing the use of shutter-less barrel lenses. Using lenses shorter than 90 mm is problematic because of the extra depth of the body to accomodate the shutter mechanism. The Crown's advantages come in the form of a smaller and lighter package, and the ability to use short focus, wide angle lenses. Barrel lenses are not a practical option. Models with user adjustable, side mounted rangefinders are nice to have because you can calibrate the rangefinder for almost any lens you mount onto the camera. But if you need anything more than the bare minimum of movements, you're pretty much out of luck. You can get rise and some back tilt from the front standard and not much else.