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****Lots of photographers get pretty good results out of 35mm B&W negatives, as long as you work within the limits of the size of the material. For example in over 30 years I have never wanted an enlargement larger then 11x14, 35mm is capable of producing decent 11x14 enlargements with fine grain films and developers. Not to mention that 35mm is the most portable, and cheapest film system to work with. As someone who most of the time uses a bicycle or hiking when shooting, loading down with 20kg of MF equipment is often not an option.***

Well I've had my share of B/W 35mm (and cheap cameras for other sizes) from about 1952-1975, and in the darkroom tiny dust spots and scratches were a curse when enlarging, and just can't go back........and I can remember when the press used Rolleiflexes, so maybe something like a Ricoh equivalent could be carried around at times (with a 35mm camera) for static shots in B/w (or colour).
I'll agree that dust and scratches can be an issue, they can with larger formats as well. However anyone who has spent 5 hours spotting a sky from a APS-C sized DSLR (been there, done that) will think of even 35mm as relatively dust free.... Man those DSLR's can collect more dust in 5 seconds, then a 35mm camera does in 5 years.