QUOTE=Nikanon;827628]shoot rollei 25, or efke 25, or PANF and develop in D-76, dont print larger than 8x10 or possibly 11x14 and youll be fine on grain[/QUOTE]

Well using 35mm b/w today, reminds me of the early 1960's when I couldn't afford MF, colour neg was naff compared to today, and would have used kodachrome most of the time if I had the money.
The only reason I can see for using 35mm B/W is say for rock concerts, pushing the film and no problems with artificial lights, but DSLR guys have told me low light shots with digital are superior and improving all the time.
To use 35mm B/W for buildings, landscapes or portraiture is an insult to the film when MF is cheap now, but if guys want to be in a special time warp who am I to say they are wrong.

Ok so I’m rusty developing a B/W neg, but I just use an old Digital P&S and get a better result for a computer screen in about a minute.….so this is what film users are up against and the 35mm digital guys can boast on their IQ, but MF B/W (or colour) can shut them up.

Sony P&S, dunno if used at best setting, but it did at least equal the film shot for sharpness.