After reading that old b/w film holds up pretty well with age (relatively speaking), I've decided to give this ICA Ideal I got for next to nada a try.

I have a few questions which hopefully won't be too RTFM in nature.
  • Is this film (Plus-X Pan) something I can develop at home? I have a set of trays coming, and chemistry under the sink. If so, I assume I'll have to do it in the dark?
  • I assume I take the film pack off, put the ground glass viewer on, make my focus, meter, adjust, put the pack back on and expose?
  • The back on this camera has a number of paper tabs sticking out. Do I just pull on the first one in line (nearest the dark sheet) after I make my exposure? If so, do I need to do that in darkness or will the film be in some sort of light-proof sheath?
This camera is just too pretty to not want to go shooting with. =)