Just a few suggestions. I use a vacum cleaner to clean my holders every time I load them. I use a bush that is used only for my film holders. I have no problems with dust. Most of us started with trays but I find that the processing is not as even as it should. Expose some film on a smooth textureless surface for zone V and tray develope. There tends to be higher densities in the center because of the agitation.

I personally use HP combi tanks. I have one tank for each step, from presoak to washing, ready and waiting before I start. Once you immerse the holder, the film is always in solution. I work in total darkness so I can transfer the holder from tank to tank, then snap on the lid and turn on the lights. I like them because you can use various agitation techniques, plus compensating development more effectively. Plenty of famous photographers use JOBO and if you want to spend the money and play with cogs and wheels and tanks, be my guest.

Darkroom work is not rocket science. It is more like following a recipe for a soufflé. As your technique and skills improve, so will your results.