I'm assembling a LF "pano" kit centered around a Canham MQC 57 that I'm having factory modified for greater shift capability... total 7+ inches. Shooting two side-by-side 5x7 sheets nets me a nice 2:5 ratio.

My reasoning is size/portability. I don't get around as I once did and a small/light 5x7 is much easier to carry than a "true" 5x12.5 pan-cam. It's true the lenses will be just as big/heavy... I'm trying to keep that issue under control. The tripod can be a bit smaller/lighter too vs. one needed for a larger camera.

I'll be stitching the two images via a modified Epson V750 with the glass plate removed from the optical path for aerial scanning using custom glassless carriers similar to the Beseler 4x5 negaflat (film held flat via stretching) and with adjustable height on all four corners.

QUESTION: Does this process count as "panoramic" shooting in this forum? Or am I still just a little squatty guy?