If you're really wanting an answer I would say "no".

Your output, while panoramic, doesn't fit within the scope of Apug.org as it's a digitally-mediated process (digital stitching).

So this only leaves asking about the camera, which is still only a 1.4:1 ratio and doesn't meet the requirements of the Panoramic Cameras and Accessories forum:
Aspect ratio of 2.5 :1 (or more of course).
Now this doesn't mean you couldn't ask any questions you have about shooting large format cameras or working with a 5x7 to make panoramic images using extreme shift, but those would probably be best asked in the Large Format Cameras and Accessories forum here on Apug.org. If you're specifically wanting to know about digital stitching and LF shooting then I would suggest asking at the Large Format Photography Forum (it's a completely different website and not affiliated with Apug.org) as digital topics are allowed to be discussed there and there are also a number of guys doing digital stitching.

Of course, these pano guys are wonderful chaps and would probably answer anything you asked in this forum.