I don't really have questions. Not at the moment anyway. I've been shooting LF since I was sixteen years old... been quite a few years since then... and I've worked with Photoshop since v2.0.

I'm just looking for a nice group of like-minded individuals who want to share experiences and maybe do a little buy/sell/trade.

I'll check out the hybird site listed above.

Heh... funny thing is I'm a member of another "hybrid" site that involves transplanting American V8 engines into little vintage Datsun 240Z cars. I guess I'm really into small, lightweight stuff that goes big and fast, LOL!! Some of those guys are running twin turbo or supercharged 434 small block Chevy's... many other hybrids too. If anyone is interested it's hybridz.org.

Sorry for going off-topic but the "hybrid" parallel thing just tickled me and I had to share.