I would recommend posting the unstitched images, simply cropped and side by side. Then you can get image discussion and critique here. I am afraid that there is little or no critique to be had at hybridphoto (unfortunately but also not too surprisingly, since it caters to the small union of two separate groups: analogue folks who want to do some digital and digital folks who want to do some analogue). Anyway, I'd say go ahead and post unstitched images and no feathers will be ruffled and we can use our imagination. I'd say that you just shouldn't post a digitally stitched pano in the gallery, that's all.

It's really not that most people are so allergically anti-digital that they don't want to see your stitched work, but... there has to be some reasonable line drawn between analogue and non-analogue processes. For that reason I do not post stitched, dewarped, or perspective corrected work here, or hybrid anything. I did do it once and learned that it just isn't worth the hassle.