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I had never before seen the alternative mixing directions for Pyrocat-MC (without a little water). Is the list of ingredients just those in the list under the heading "Stock A" or should one use some TEA as well?

Could that amount of heat (250degF=120degC) do some damage to any ingredient? I have mixed some formulas at lower temperature than recommended by allowing lots of time for dissolution (a week in the boot/trunk of the car on long trips). Would this be worth a try for this formula?
This is the first time the alternative method has ever been suggested. Pat Gainer tried it a few days ago and said that it worked, so I decided to recommend it. The high temperature will not damage any of the ingredients so far as I know. I have mixed pyrocatechin, metol and ascorbic acid before at this temperature and there was no problem. You don't need any TEA or water mixing this way.

I suspect that you could mix at a lower temperature with a hot plate stirrer but have not actually done so. Pyrocatechin and ascorbic will definitely go into solution at a much lower temperature, not sure about the metol.