Nice catch! I have an Eastman #2 (different lensboard and mounting) that I picked up about 15 years ago and has been in constant use since. They're nice cameras IF you don't need any front movements other than rise. I use mine primarily for portrait work. My camera came with the extension rail and the sliding block to balance the camera. You'll want to at least find or make the block mechanism which is a simple matter to make, but check ebay as they show up often enough.

You'll want to upgrade the groundglass if it still has a stock one in place. Get yourself a Satin Snow, it makes a huge difference. BTW - I had a new bellows made earlier this year by Western Bellows. It took a few extra weeks, but it was worth the wait - they do a great job.

I have a page on my website about making a box lens board for the Eastman to allow easy mounting of barrel lenses in front of Packard shutters without mods to the camera. I use mine with a 12" Artar and a 14" R.D. Artar for portraiture. You can see it here.