Ony Aggie forgot her holders David. She shot her Mamiya instead. I on the other hand broght dust infested holders...oh, and I forgot to tell you all too I lost an additional 2 images to stuck negatives to the inside of the holder apparantly b/c I got moisture inside. I think I dropped in a field of wet grass...or the rain might've done it too. (One was the cool huge bellows shot Aggie ). LOL Definetely lived and learned this round LOL...Oh, and Brian, I'm already jones'ing for an 8x10 as well! Just the site of these negs makes me wonder what an 8x10 neg would look like hehe Heck, on ebay, you can get a B&J field camera for a couple of hundred and plus with a lens. Maybe one day lol

Well, going to shoot "something" this weekend to get some more practice in with this camera and loading and such before we leave for Europe in a couple weeks. I figure I've got to learn to be more graceful, and cleaner, this next round. Oh boy am I in trouble LOL

Thanks again for everyones help!!