uh thanks nick,
Im glad youre being called a cuntwaffle on a regular basis by a colleague, you must be just as likeable in real life as you are here. You do realise its just a 'friendly' way of calling someone a total fucktard, you might want to check those batteries again...

As for "bohemian buck" thats just the kind of reductive patronising attitude that got us here in the first place. You might want to work on that, as a "professional photographer" you work with people, yet you seem to have so few interpersonal people skills.

meanwhile back in reality....


Many thanks to all the others that offered a veritable weath of tips and advice.
I havent been able to source the chems in NZ without avoiding an elaborate approval process.
But talking to mike at artcraft photographic chemicals in america, he has given me a good price and assured me they will get through customs etc. They also accept international money orders, for those of us who dont have credit cards, available from your local bank.
ill make a final post and provide links when/if it all gets here and is hunky dory.

good luck to all those who come after me.
email xtiaan@orcon.net.nz if you have any questions about getting cyanotype chems in nz