I think they are all a bit high, or at least, in my area (Chicago-Milwaukee) I have seen or purchase at better pricing. Epay may be better as itís easier to tell when someone wants to really sell.

This 45 is missing the wood board although if you are handy, not very difficult to replace. I donít know the age but the real old ones (my first one purchase used years ago) have the struts out front. Not a problem but my first one must be from the 50ís?

Of course, after you look it over, offer a lower price. You may be surprised. It doesnít hurt to ask, all they can say is no or counter. . Note! Your area may be different than mine so local advice from others is more important.

I own, used, or have sold all of those enlargers. My first choice would be the Beseler 4x5, unless you donít have room. I would try to make room. Itís really a great machine. Itís only about 8 inches wider.

The Beseler 23 would be good for if it was a lot lot cheaper. I would be concerned about the broken handle, may be signs of abuse. Donít think these normally break.

The other 23C is closer to a good price.

The Omega, well, I just acquired one of the cheap ones and personally, itís junk. The accessories are worth a little bit, no where near the asking price. Try a lower price for all but the enlarger.

Many people are delusional in pricing their gear, especially enlargers. Some get lucky, most do not.

Be patient, get yourself a real solid enlarger, and watch for the right one at the right price. They do turn up now like never before.

Good Luck.