I have posted in other threads about a 6x12 format camera which I am building to use a Schneider 65mm Super Angulon lens which I acquired very cheaply.

In order to asses the correct lens to film distance, I have temporarily mounted the lens on its modified Olympus OM helical focus mount to the body of a scrap 6x6 folding camera.

The intention is to put a piece of ground glass at the film plane and focus on near and far points to see how close to the theoretical 70.5mm the back of the lens needs to be from the film for correct focus at infinity and also how close the focus scale is when used with this lens.

The problem I have found is that this lens has so much depth of field, even wide open at f8, that I think I get a sharp image wherever it is set.

Plan B is to assume the lens is o.k. at 70.5mm spacing and run a film through it taking some close up and distance shots at f8.

Perhaps my original idea of a fixed hyperfocal lens was good after all!!