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What about this one? A bit of a drive, but that's OK: http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pho/1238217245.html But no 6x6 carrier!!

It includes a decent timer, too, and I'd probably offer $30 or so. Fotch: why is the Omega junk? I know it's not built like a tank like the Beselers, but I really don't need the 4x5 capability, and don't anticipate ever making anything bigger than a 11x14", possibly 16x20".

Argh, has anyone seen any good deals in the San Diego (or Orange County/Southern LA) area recently?
Well junk was probably to harsh a word. I have had poor enlargers (old shaky by Testrite) but after looking for info on this Omega that I have to get rid of, I found lots of info on the Omega site regarding problems like the lever that locks the head usually breaks and no replacements. I think any low end enlarger is going to be stepping stone.

Now that for less than a new low end enlarger, you can buy some really first class equipment and skip the starter level stuff.

Most if not all 4x5 is heavy duty. The 23C is pretty close.

Good Luck