Yes, I still do. I have an old 89 IR filter from back when Wratten was affordable, as well as the three separation filters (25,47 and 68 I think) as well as a y15, y15 and orange.

I carry them around in in the original envelope and foil in my monorail kit, because here the cost of dedicated filters for the different lenses is a killer. Plus even if to economise, and filter with glass for the largest size lens would need about 3 or more stacked step rings to get down to the smallest size of lens.

I have a little holder that has a spring action to hold it on the lens, a holder for the gel, and a couple of small barn doors that can be handy to shade the lens to boot.

Rosco makes a 'designer' sized swatch book of about 3"x5". I have from time to time snipped a 3" square off of that book for a special project ot two, because the whole book costs under $30. The base of the Rosco is similiar to the Lee, and not always perfect. Oh well.