Generally you need developer, stop and fixer for film but depending on your budget and how much space you have you can forget the stop bath. You don't need to buy everything from one company.

My first developer was (and the one i still use for the most part) Kodak HC110. Mostly because it lasts a long time, and is cheap per roll. Ilfotec HC is pretty much the same thing.

I'd forget the stop - i didn't use it for years and only use it now because it's a little faster and i have it around. Just fill the tank with water, vigorously agitate and dump 3 times.

You can pretty much buy whatever fixer, unless you plan on using old style emulsions that benefit from a hardener. Then you should get one with a hardener. Fixer lasts quite a long time, so i wouldn't worry too much about it - just replace it every so many rolls (should say how many on the bottle, just keep a tally on the container) or about every 6 months.

I had issues with water spots on my film, so i'd reccomend buying some Photo-flo (that's what kodak calls it, can't remember the term for it) with the money you saved on stop bath. What i do is after i've washed my film, i mix up about 2ml Photo-flo with enough distilled water to cover the reels. I pour that in, swish the reels around a bit, and pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on the surface of the water to get rid of any bubbles. Photo-flo lasts pretty much forever, which is good since it'll take you forever to use up a bottle.

I'm sure someone will come along with reasons you should do stuff differently from above, but that's what i did starting out, and stuff seems to have turned out ok.