Thank you for the replies.

Pinholemaster: I remember seeing that author's books in Borders. I have put it on my list. I presume the most recent edition is not crucial.

ChrisW: I clicked through to your mag a while ago but forget seeing that. I will peruse some more.

CW: I will come back to what you said when I get it all worked out in my head. My worry about not using 'the stop' would be forming a bad habit at the beginning, so I will probably choose the lengthy method and drop anything redundant later on.

Matt: Thanks for that. I actually printed the pdf out late last night and looking at it now, it does mention the four liquids, all with Ilford names, which, providing they still sell them, should be exactly what I need. Hopefully they still sell them in small bottles (the pdf is from 2003) as well.

Bob and Chris: I noticed the Ag darkroom equipment advert in this month's B&Wmagazine (I'm getting into film just as they are getting out - smiley). It struck me because it shares the same name as Ag magazine, which I have started subscribing to (because B&W is going downhill with the rest of them and I remember Ag being quite good).

So, I will start with keeping it simple: going for the Ilford set if I can and following their method in the pdf. I also noticed last night that the auction site has lots of different collections of used darkroom equipment. I figure if I can match the essentials, which are listed on the nova darkroom site, included in those 'starter kits' for processing, I can save a bit of money and maybe get some extra things for when I hopefully go on to setting up or borrowing a darkroom.

Cheers everyone. This is exciting.