Thanks, Paul and Chris.

I was looking for that exact series of youtube videos (someone had emailed me the link a while ago) but it wasn't coming up on the searches, so great.

I am going to slow down on the 'starter kit' and not order it until I have worked out what I can get easily, locally, and what I really need to mail order. I am finding the collections of stuff on ebayuk a bit irrelevant to my purposes: they either have bottles of stuff I don't need or they don't have the right kind things that I think I need. And the kit on firstcall uk has what appears to be a dual use (35 and 120) tub if I order the print and process kit but only 35mm tub for the process only kit; and other bits that are in the process only kit don't actually make it over to the process and print kit, which is all kind of funny.

You get the idea. I will work out what I need by using this forum and looking round and about, then maybe collect it off ebay over the next few weeks bit by bit or even order it new bit by bit (such as getting the 35mm starter kit and adding an ebay 'universal' tub).

Incidentally, the mention of a syringe for measurements is a first. I assume when Ilford's pdf talks about a small 50ml beaker, that the syringe is going to serve the same purpose.

Anyway, I plan to develop the film (35 and later on 120) in a walk-in cupboard or a changing bag if needs be. The idea of a darkroom is just that for now but it is the goal in the end.