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Lead won't do you any good. Seriously. The cosmic radiation that fogs film passes right through lead. You'd need many feet of earth to attenuate it sufficiently and then would also need to be away from radon gas.

It's not really tough to find 5x7 film now. What are you looking for that's sold in 4x5/8x10 but isn't available as 5x7?
Interesting about the cosmic radiation, I recall a NOVA program a few years back in which they explored a laboratory specially designed / built to eliminate any radiation, cosmic or otherwise. The lab was buried in the Suisse Alpes.

As for film, I have been looking, and indeed it is available. Just not in the same choices as I had hoped.

I was looking for T-max 400 and Portra 400 VC & NC. I was hoping to stay out of the low-end of the shutter speeds on this old (redundant) 8" Ektar. I suppose I could give the shutter (Acme # 3) a CLA.

Is 5" roll stock still available in any modern emulsions?