I can get 25 8x10" sheets locally from a shop (on order) for like $110 AUD (so 100 of 4x5" cut down).

Versus like $50 or $60 for 10 sheets of 4x5 Pro 160S etc

Say for landscape work etc, am I going to be at a significant disadvantage to shooting straight on ilfochrome paper and scanning versus colour film?

Currently cant do any tests, smashed the ground glass with my butt accidentally, waiting on a replacement.

Currently scanning on a V500 and stitching 4x5" transparencies in 2 passes, I'd like to sell and upgrade to a V700... but I think I may save and look for a used Flextight or other more capable than a flatbed scanner.

So I think I may be at an advantage if ilfochrome paper has decent enough resolution and contrast both on cost and covenience of scanning.

Just wondering if I am missing something?